I’m Joán Llabata, Film and Creative Director.

This is me with a camera.

And here are some pretty cool looking big companies logos.

I actually did work for all of them.

I help people (like you)
to survive the creative industry while keeping their sanity.

Because, I am a Renaissance man of the 21st Century*.

* A person who is well educated and sophisticated and who has talent and knowledge in many different fields of study.

Somebody with an holistic vision.

With a wide enough experience to be able to put myself in your shoes no matter what you do*.

* Only applies to the creative industry.

I get it. I get you. I’ve been there.

Technology Creative Director & Film Director

Core Labs

Core Labs was a rare occurrence in space and time. A singularity in which filmmakers, new media artists, and engineers, local and foreign, found a space to interact creatively, discuss, develop, and share both their knowledge and body of work to a then-emerging China.

CoreLabs focused on both exploring and promoting creative uses of interactive technologies and reflect on the derived humanistic implications, serving as a hosting platform for artists residences and interchange programs between Europe and China.

Creative Director & Film Director

Greenhouse Core

Greenhouse Core was an amazing step up in the possibilities of developing a creative narrative under the commercial umbrella.


Born as a Creative Boutique, GHC focused on providing brands with New Media solutions based on mixed reality storytelling and interactive installations.

Film & Creative Film Director


The passion, and obession, for the conceptualization, development, and execution of creative narratives took me into the role of Film Director and Creative Film Director.

From this privileged position, I offer multidisciplinary expertise matured after many commercial and independent projects; working closely with my clients, agency partners, and production companies to come up with ideas and execute both interactive and traditional narratives, resulting in meaningful stories and engaging audiovisual experiences for all kinds of audiences.

I’ am a Hacker, a Creative Director, a Copywriter, a Filmmaker.

Always a Storyteller.

Somebody with whom you can team up, work hard, and do awesome things.

Very nice to meet you.
(lets catch up, don’t be a stranger)