A motor racing short film shrouded in mystery

Being commissioned for the second time to direct the new season’s Carrera Cup model, we creatively felt the urge of stepping up the narrative compared to the previous edition film.

In this case, JVM creative team came up with an idea that departed quite noticeably from the Porsche Motor Sports division look and feel; an idea that focused on the spirit behind the wheel rather than the machine itself (as in previous editions).

With “The path of heroes” we introduce the new Porsche GT3 911 Cup to the motorsport audience in China, with a story-driven by the pride of heritage and the will to fight.


Services    Film Direction
Client        Porsche / JVM
Prod           idCreations

The Art of War

The story takes place at night within a mysterious and ancient Chinese temple. In its courtyard and rooms, a group of warriors trains and perfect their techniques, waiting for the next battle.

During the film, the audience is presented with metaphorical audiovisual connections that set a strong relationship between the warriors and Porsche Motorsport’s core values: Concentration, Dedication, and Tradition.

Pride and Heritage

Since motorsport has a relative recent history in China we felt that the story had to have a strong cultural feeling that connected a well know Chinese cultural reservoir with the competitive racing idiosyncrasy.

By doing so, we were able to smoothly relate both sides of the story and place them under the same narrative umbrella, and transition from a courtyard in a medieval Chinese temple to a racing track.

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