The Facts

Motor Racing has very little tradition in China, lacks engagement with the mainstream audience, and there are no internationally famous Chinese drivers.

The Brief

Conceptualize and make a film that connects Motor Racing with the Chinese audience.

The Hook

Our story had to put in resonance the competitive motor racing idiosyncrasy with something that shared the same values and narratives found in the Chinese cultural reservoir.

Ancient China is known for its art of warfare. Warriors followed a strict codex, a spirit, and principles. Warriors like Xiang Yu, Sun Bin, Wu Qi, Sun Wu were men of honor and pride. But today? There’s not much left of those days, is it?. Can we still find the Old Warriors in modern China?

The idea: The Path of Heroes

The Porsche Racing Team has a competitive tradition that goes back to the first days of Motor Racing. Its drivers and engineers are the best among the best, guided by a strict code based on the values of Concentration, Dedication, and Tradition. And the new Porsche Carrera Cup China Team is second to none. A team that inherits the Porsche pedigree: a team born to achieve victory, fueled by the will to fight, the modern Chinese Warriors.

Weapons have changed, but the spirit and determination that motivate old and new warriors are still the same today. In their quest for victory and glory, they all follow the same path. The path of Heroes.

The Challenge: Show without showing

The main idea was based on connecting the ancient Chinese epic reservoir to modern motor racing. But we had to do it without associating Porsche to any Chinese Dynasty from the past since many of them can be perceived negatively depending on who you ask. Hence, we had to play safe when thinking about what to show on the screen. This reduces significantly the number of visual references, dressing, props, and art in general that you can play with, leaving only the most aseptic and safer options.

The solution was as practical as philosophical. Instead of fighting the limitation (initially I did), I decided it was better to embrace it and focus on creating a mysterious atmosphere rather than describing a historic reality.

This actually freed me up of the burden of having to be historically accurate and allowed me to enjoy the shooting of a cool piece of motor racing fiction.

So, cheers to the limits that make us free. I guess.

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