The Brief  & The Idea

Every year Porsche unveils the new Carrera Cup Asia model to the Chinese motorsport audience. A low budget project in the brand’s big scheme, this film usually is just about showing beautiful close-up shots of the car and then a wide shot reveals the driver inside the car. Nothing fancy. It’s more like some footage that later is used in the brand’s social media and newsletters.

However, the contract says that you have to deliver beautiful shots of the car, but you are not limited to it as far as you don’t spend extra money.

And that’s what we did. We thought it would be fun to add in-camera footage of the last season races, design decals with the racing tracks and their names, and put them on the car instead of having supers on the screen. And then, why not, do some sort of Daft Punk thing, and come up with a mysterious driver that nobody called for, and tell the story of a beast awakening, and the man that is going to rein on it.


The idea: Release the Kraken

Every year Porsche presents the new Porsche Carrera Cup Asia model to the motorsport audience, a true piece of art of motor racing engineering.

However. this is not a regular Carrera. Its raging power must be controlled by an experienced driver, chosen among the best, capable of dominating the beast and become one with it.

The Brief  & The Idea (cont.)

Then to top it off, when I was asked what sound reference I wanted, I gave some tracks from the game Limbo to Gaetan, the sound designer, and he just went nuts. He got inspired and he made a dark, deep soundtrack where he used the roar of the engine as the main instrument.

In the end, if they didn’t like it, we didn’t spend extra money, and we had lots of fun. We would just strip everything and deliver the beautiful shots they asked for.

But we didn’t have to. They loved the film and it did set the style for the upcoming seasons. Fuck yeah.

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