A message for global audiences

A viral video part of the global Porsche campaign introducing the first all-electric Porsche Taycan.

In the film, a sudden blackout leaves Shanghai in darkness when all power is hijacked by a building where a mysterious message about the power of electricity appears for everybody to read.

Services    Film Direction
Client        Porsche / Saatchi&Saatchi
Prod           idCreations

Practical effects for viral campaigns

Despite the general opinion, all the text on the W Building was displayed using the LED lights of the building instead of being added as CGI.

The reason for such a costly and challenging decision was both aesthetic and practical: shooting real lights always feels more natural and integrated with the building and atmosphere, and also allowed the event to be witnessed by people walking in the surroundings and become viral on social media.

Timed down to the second

For the shake of consistency, we also thought that it would be amazing to shot practically the sequence in which the lights of the city skyline go off.

To achieve such a goal we timed the shooting of the whole film and record it with multiple cameras at the same time, so we could capture all the actions that happen simultaneously at and from different locations.

Four camera units were used simultaneously for the shooting of the film.

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