The Brief

Leica celebrates the launch of its new M10 model and the 100 anniversary of the brand with a film about the experience of four Chinese photographers with the new M10. Chop, chop.

The idea

Despite the goal of the film being to promote the new M10, the subtopic “celebration of photography” had to be present, and be relevant. Otherwise it would feel like a straight-up commercial.

To bridge all topics, camera, photographers, and photography as a passion, we suggested a film that would talk about the camera though the photographer’s recollections of using it while pursuing the capture of the perfect frame.

This approach allowed for a more inspirational and intimate narrative, less corporate, more artistic, while still having room to talk about the camera as a tool that helps their creativity to reach its goal.

Four different visions and one single goal.

Leica celebrates the launch of their new M10 model and the 100 anniversary of the brand with a film about the experience of four Chinese photographers in the pursue of the perfect shot.

Spanning from Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen to Chongqing, the film captures the relationship between the new M10 and Ben Huang, Luo Xiaoyun, “A”, and Huan Jing, while they reflect on their personal approach to photography.

The Challenge

This film presented some interesting peculiarities. We had to document four photographers taking shots at their favorite locations in their hometowns, but at the same time, some of those photos had to be good enough to be included in the film as a proof of their work and how good the new M10 is.

This small detail added an unforeseen level of stress, and turned an otherwise chill production into something a bit more complicated since the photographers felt really pressured and concerned about not being able to get good enough shots. Being somebody who loves and practices photography as well, I was able to empathize and give them as much space and time as possible, while also engaging in a technical and creative talk that resulted in them being less worried about performance, and being able to enjoy the experience of photographing.

Some projects are more technical, and some others require more interpersonal personal skills than anything else in order to pull them off. This film can be categorized as the later.

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