An independent book

Imposed by its marketing nature sometimes the commercial realm has its limitations in terms of narrative, and the only way to get something done is to do it yourself.

“Shanghai Twenty Four Seven” is a project inspired by one of the biggest cities on the planet and its foamy social structure composed of infinitesimal micro universes bubbles.

The book is a photographic tribute to the lives and homes of the forsaken. Those left behind by the Chinese economic miracle and at risk of disappearing under the wheel of urban reform.

Memories of the forsaken

Shanghai Twenty Four Seven is as much a love photographic poem to Shanghai’s oldest and quickly-disappearing urban environments as it is to the people who populate them.

The photo book explores the life inside shops and neighborhoods in Shanghai on the verge of disappearing. Places that share a unique aesthetic, a feeling of density, of time, and life that is nowhere to be seen in China’s biggest and most populated city.

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Book details

  • Publisher: independent
  • Technique: 6×7 and 6×6 medium format film
  • Book size: 25x21cm (10×8.5 inch)
  • Pages: 116p / 157gsm semi gloss paper
  • Cover: Black linen wrap hardcover
  • Limited Edition:  300 copies
  • Printed in Shanghai, China