Hi! How are you?
I’m Joán LLabata, Film and Creative Director.

This is me with a camera.

And these are some sweet looking company logos I downloaded from the internet.

Actually, I did work for all of them.

I help people (like you)
to succeed  survive in the creative industry while keeping their sanity*.

* Strategizing, Brainstorming, Copywriting, Mood boarding, Decking, Pitching, PPM’ing, Winning, Prepping, Shooting, Post’ing, Feedbacking, Shoulder Crying, Final Delivering, Wasted getting.

Because I am a Renaissance man of the 21st Century*.

* A person who is well-educated and who has talent and knowledge in many different fields of study.

This means: I get it. I get you. I’ve been there.

Creative Technologist

When you have studied Computing Engineering and Fine Arts, directing a fringe hack lab is a dream come true.

In my role as a Creative Technologist at Core Labs, I focused on both exploring and promoting creative uses of technologies for both artistic and commercial applications.

As a Creative Technologist, the key is not to know how to solder a LED on a custom made PCB (I know how to do that by the way), but to bring technologies into the equation when conceptualizing new ways of perceiving reality, and conveying a message.

Creative Director

While as Technologist I did work inwards-outwards (this is, the application on the external world emerges from independent creative research-based on new technologies), as a Creative Director I had the experience of working the other way around, outwards-inwards: a creative solution is presented, be it an installation or a film, after analyzing the communication needs of a given idea (read client needs), and the real-world feasibility of such an idea (read budget).


The experience of both roles gave me a deep understanding of every single stage of the creative process, and most importantly, their particular constrains, resulting in practical ideas, the optimal workflow between the teams involved, smooth execution of the projects, and a happy client. Also, I’m immune to developer and creatives excuses; I can call both their bullshit a mile away.

Film Director

The passion (and obsession) for the conceptualization, visualization, and execution of creative narratives took me into the role of Film Director and Creative Film Director. Transforming an idea into a story that you can see and feel is something really easy to get hooked on. And I did. Big time.

As Film Director and Creative Film Director I apply all my multidisciplinary expertise, matured after many commercial and independent projects, into the making of powerful stories; working closely with clients, creative directors, and producers, hand by hand, pitch by pitch, to come up with compelling, meaningful ideas, and engaging audiovisual experiences that reach all kind of audiences and makes us proud of what we do.

I am a Hacker, a Photographer, a Creative Director, a Copywriter, a Filmmaker.

A holistic storyteller with whom you can get shit done.

Let’s catch up, don’t be a stranger.

(down there)